polyethylene foam
Polyethylene Foam

“Ethafoam”, “StratoCell”, “CelluCushion”, “CelluPlank”

Polyethylene Foam has excellent cushioning capabilities and is most often used where shipping damage is likely unless protection is given to the item. Tough, durable, and closed cell, PE Foam is frequently used in reusable and returnable applications. Polyethylene Foam is also Class A surface contact approved and available in Pink anti-static as well.
Densities of 1.2# to 9# Available




Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS)

“Styrofoam”, “Beadboard”, “beadfoam”, and “styrene”

EPS is very strong in terms of its ability to support a great deal of weight without compressing. This makes EPS excellent as a spacer, separator, and for applications requiring bracing and blocking.

There are two principle applications for EPS:

    1. Insulation – EPS has excellent insulating properties at a low cost compared to fiberglass and other common insulating materials.

    2. Packaging – EPS is great for packaging where items are not extremely fragile as it offers good cushioning at a comparatively low cost

Expanded Polystyrene Foam can be both fabricated and molded.
Densities of 1# 1.5# and 2# Available



polyurethane foam
Polyurethane Foam –
“PU” “Foam Rubber”, “Ester” or “Ether”.

Polyurethane Foam is the foam in seat cushions… very soft, resilient material and usually seen in white, charcoal, gray, or blue.

Ether and Ester types are fabricated for packaging primarily where light-weight items are involved.

Ether type Polyurethane Foams are usually less expensive but Ester type Polyurethanes are often firmer feeling and more attractive for display applications.


Cross Linked Polyethylene –

“Volara” “MC1900” or “Youngboard”.

Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam is used extensively in automotive applications where Class A surface protection is required. Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam is used because of its very fine cell and smooth feel.  Also, a high tear resistance and excellent memory make Cross Linked Polyethylene Foams durable where repeated uses are required and are the foam of choice in most automotive returnable applications.
Densities of 2# to 11# Available

Cross Linked Polyethylene

plastic corrugated
Plastic Corrugated –

“Polyflute”, “Coroplast”, “Fluted Plastic”, “Twinwall Plastic”

Plastic Corrugated is a very versatile material for demanding packaging applications. Plastic Corrugated is the ideal choice for material handling applications in wet, cold, and humid conditions. Extremely durable, Plastic Corrugated is excellent for reusable requirements as it has superior burst and tear strength.

The B.B. Bradley Company carries a complete inventory of thicknesses, colors, and weights of board. Custom designed packaging systems can be developed using state of the art manufacturing and fabricating processes.

Anti Static Foams


Anti-Static Foam is a product designed for transporting electronic parts and equipment. Anti-Static Foam slowly dissipates electro static charges given off by the component, other components close by, or handlers during the packing and shipping process. Anti-Static Foam is perfect for cushioning circuit boards, computer chips, and other static sensitive electronic devices.

Anti-Static versions of most materials shown above are available.

Plastic Corrugated with anti static Polyethylene