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One often overlooked benefit to made-to-need foam packaging is the “wow” factor it can offer.  A well designed and quality produced Polyethylene, Polyurethane, or Polystyrene Foam interior packaging system will almost certainly have a very positive impression on its recipient.  Think about it…if we want to do a little extra on the packaging side to spruce up our product we wouldn’t hesitate to use a white carton rather than brown or have the carton printed in all four colors of our logo.  We want our customers to have a positive impression.  We want them to feel as though they’ve purchased from someone who is a notch above and cares about their products so we do things to enhance that good first impression.  Too often it ends there.

Presentation values must be consistent.  Any good marketing person will tell you that.  It’s not a “one toe in” proposition.  It cannot be done selectively.  If we spend the money to run a nice, expensive advertisement but the salesperson shows up in jeans and a T-shirt, it can cancel out all those warm and fuzzy feelings.  Likewise, random, “void fill” interior packaging pretty much washes away what a printed, white carton can do.  A fabricated foam insert interior packaging system shows off your product in the best possible light.  The impression is that great care was taken to assure your customer received their proud new purchase in the best of condition and that the company they bought it from knows what they’re doing.  And let’s not overlook that their purchase is right there in full view upon opening the carton and they didn’t have to dig through several inches of assorted who knows what to find it first.

Fabricated foam packaging is not expensive.  It is not an availability problem.  Fabricated foam packaging should be an integral part of your quality presentation theme.  Your top-of-the-line widget will look like it’s worth the investment by your customer.  It will not come out of that printed white carton leaving the unpacker expecting problems.  A well designed foam packaging solution can be an integral part of the big picture effort to paint the best possible picture.