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Electronic Medical System Package

Here is an outline of a recent design/development challenge.

Project Objectives and requirements:

  • Presentation/merchandising appeal is paramount…must be attractive and well organized
  • “Quick Start Guide” must be the first thing that is seen when the box is opened
  • Total package to have as few components as possible with minimal or no assembly for the interior packaging.
  • Must serve to protect/cushion all product components.

1 cropped closed


The Results:

A combination of black Polyethylene foam for the cavity base plus convoluted Polyurethane foam for the top.  These components are laminated to a die cut and scored corrugated pad making a one-piece, all inclusive inner packaging concept….no assembly required.  In its closed position, there is a well-defined location for the “Quick Start Guide” so it is clearly visible immediately.

1 front